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Agile and Scrum Methodology - Introduction

In this post (and a a few more to come), I will be writing about Agile methodology and how it works. What is agile? Agile is a methodology, a way of managing projects which is emerged as an alternative to traditional software management (also termed as "Waterfall" model). In Waterfall model, we perform the following: Team gathers requirements Team comes up with design and architecture  Team implements (coding) Release it to market Now, lets say it is a huge project and took around 6 months to complete. At the end of six months, when the product is released, the team realizes that this is not what the customer wanted or the market conditions have changed and the customer wants lot of modifications to the product.  There is only one shippable deliverable in this process and that was produced at the end of 3rd step, which took months together. Clearly, there is a problem with this process. Why Agile? Agile as the name suggests is a process which allows th