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#GIDS16..The Great Indian Developer Summit, Bengaluru

#GIDS16 The Great Indian Developer Summit 2016, is currently under way in Bangalore, India. In this article, I'm briefly touching upon various topics discussed and my first hand experience of the event. There were talks on what are the current industry trends what are the emerging technologies. It is no more sufficient to have the knowledge of one Stack/knowledge, but need to have knowledge of operations (read Devops), Cloud and working with huge data sets (read Big Data). On a lighter note, the classical "Blue Pill or Green Pill" dilemna from 'The Matrix' made its appearance in a couple of presentations. A few talks are detailed out below: 1. Microservice, Microservice, Microservice: There were various talks on Microservice, ranging from how to go about building Microservice, to, why do we need Microservice. One of the interesting talk, went about explaining that Microservice is not a silver bullet, which should be applied to every project, but