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Microservices using Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Have you ever faced the following issues in your projects: 1. Roll out features quickly to production: The customer needs very minor changes to functionality/UI and would like that to be rolled out at the earliest, because they have a higher business impact. However, we are not able to deliver it, because though it is a small change, we have to go through the whole nine yards of release processes involving full regression etc.  2. Move your application from one datacenter to another: You need to move your application to a different data center in a different geography due to various reasons (like legal, merger and acquisition etc). This might seem to be a herculean task to you. More often than not, you would get caught in a web of discovering (often surprising yourself!), a myriad of system configurations spread across file system, database, even worse within the code!!!. This is only going to make your task even more daunting. 3. Scale out your application based on modules: