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Agile and Scrum Methodology - Estimation

In this post, I'm going to talk about estimating in agile. In agile world, before sprint planning happens, the team would go through the backlog and estimate them in terms of Story Points. This would provide a relative high level estimate for the team/management so that they can proceed with Sprint planning. Story Points: Story Pointing is a technique wherein the team gets together and understands the high level requirements for each story and provides a rough number indicating the complexity of the story. The team would brainstorm on the high level requirements and come to a consensus on the story points. If team members disagree, then they have to give justification on why they disagree and try to arrive at a consensus. (Scrum master can play the role of moderator in these discussions). Story Pointing is NOT time based, but rather, is based on complexity. The rationale here is that some tasks would take less time but are complicated and needs more focus than few other