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Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) Integration with Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS)

Recently, I was involved in integrating Pivotal Cloud Foundry with Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS), an object storage solution from EMC. In this post, I'm going to document the hiccups we faced during this integration and how did we resolve this, so that it is easier for other folks who would like to carry out this integration. References: We followed the blog post, and the service broker code from git hub, .  1. application.yml file Configuration: First task would be to update the application.yml file in the broker code to have the correct configuration. Note the spring profiles created in yml file. The active spring profile is defined in the build.gradle file to be 'development'. So based on that, we need to update the correct section in the yml file. Under the broker section: a) Provide a valid ECS namespace name (The namespa