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Serverless Technology Spectrum

In this article, I am going to introduce you to Serverless technology in various flavors along with a usecase and its benefits. What is Serverless? First of all, Serverless does not mean 'No Servers!!' (It is a misnomer). There are various definitions for Serverless, we will try to look at what Serverless means in various contexts. Let me illustrate through an analogy. Analogy: Let us consider a scenario where, there are a number of doctors (dentists, chiropractors etc) who want to serve their patient, but they do not want to invest in real estate for the clinics, equipment and also do not want the burden of managing/repairing their equipment. To cater to their needs, an investor comes forward and builds a huge building and also procures all the necessary tools and instruments needed by various doctors. When a patient arrives, the doctor will be provided any vacant room and the room will be quickly setup with all the instruments. Once the consultation complete